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HM Coastguard, Newquay

Dave Bulley – Station Officer

” For most of us who volunteer for the coastguard service, the idea of being photographed isn’t something that we feel completely comfortable with. Most of us don’t court publicity, our main purpose is to provide an important public service. “It was Steve’s idea of creating a photographic record of what the coastguard to, which we felt was good opportunity. Steve was able to capture this not only because of his photographic skills, but because he is adept at working quietly in the background. None of the photographs are posed, they are a true record of the way that volunteers work when no-one is watching. As a result, the images in this book provide an honest window on the tasks and exploits of the Newquay coastguard team.”

The Coastguard Rescue project followed a rescue team, documenting their essential work on the Cornish coast that they accomplish while often working in extreme conditions and under constant danger.  Descent is a spin off from this project, and is a study of the landscapes in which the Coastguard Rescue works. Its inspiration is the danger and drama of the landscapes in their most malevolent mood.



My interest in traditional sailing craft my photo documentary of the rebuilding of the Lowestoft Sailing Drifter, Gleaner. She was previously housed in a German museum and was returned to the UK in containers as boards and planks, ready to be renovated to her original design. On completion, Gleaner now provides a unique home for her owner and is often seen attending Classic boating events. Working in close cooperation with him, I was able to form a friendship with him and his family as the project progressed. It is now the greatest pleasure to meet them on the water and see them enjoying their life afloat.